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Juicy Apple

Sugar Salt E Liquid

Add just a bit of warmth in your day with this clean tasting blend which can bring you back to basics. Classic flavors like this are must-haves for a reason once you taste this blend that is a reminder that tastes such as these endure the test of time for a reason and which is going to be quite clear. You vape this juice you're likely to start imagining those cool fall mornings where it feels like you have this sense of everything and being around gets so amazing. Everyone enjoys the sight of those different colored leaves around the trees and obviously each the gorgeous, ripe apples. It's almost difficult to wrap your mind around the fact that something could come from nature, but it does and this juice reflects that flavor . Every piece of it retains those crisp, refreshing notes which you look for in a fruit-based juice. When you taste just what this juice blend can provide, you are going to be sent that you can not escape. Sugar Salt E Liquid comes out with some of the most amazing blends you will ever lay eyes on with the use of salt nicotine which brings a large amount of impact into the mix as well. They just have this fantastic quality about them that sets them and can be appreciated by all. Juicy Apple is.

**This Item is made with salt and not intended for sub ohm vaping**Primary Flavors: Green Apple

Fruit Green Apple
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