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Keylime Cookie

Sad Boy E Liquid
$14.99 $21.95

You start prepping your taste buds for the burst of tastes you are going to receive from this liquid. Key Lime Cookie is a e liquid that's a portion of the Sad Boy E Liquid collection, but sad is your final emotion you are going to be thinking about when you give this an attempt. You will taste the lime, when you take a pull of the e liquid. A mouth that is puckering is a response that you should not fret too much about because the lime has a tart flavor. Since you continue savoring this lime taste, you'll feel that the mix getting sweeter and sweeter. You are now getting this wonderful sweet and sour sensation that's currently coming out of a pastry that has been removed from the oven. Whoever created because this cookie is way too yummy to be shown one way, this liquid liquid should really think about making desserts on the side. You do this gradually when you think it is time to exhale. The biscuits are upset that you are letting them go but the way that your taste buds are responding, they know you will go for another strike. The liquid smoothly starts to make an exit, and you can taste a couple more hints of this lime. The clouds are only going to get bigger and bigger, and you begin to wonder why this e liquid a part of a collection that has the word sad in it. Well, there's only 1 way to make it happy, and that's to go it is going to cause you to feel great and the liquid that is e will be valued.

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