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King Bell Man

Charlie's Chalk Dust

<p></p>It is a packaging of brown tobacco, gently drizzled with vanilla. Word has it all vape juices made from this brand contain a unique ingredient that ensures its deliciousness: his ingredients were written by the dust from the Papa Charlie on. While we can't speak to the accuracy of the legend , we cannot deny the simple fact that Charlie's Chalk Dust E Juice has proven to be a consumer favorite through the years. Odds are, if you enjoyed their previous mixes, you'd prefer this one too. It combines the earthly rustic nature of tobacco. Would you maintain?

One of those enthralling things about tobacco flavored ebook juices is how well they can recreate the taste and air with smoking an old-fashioned cigarette without the added risk associated. Then, King Bellman might end up being a worthy substitution, if you have spent craving a pack of Arturo Fuente. Have a puff and imagine your soaking up the best of the vastness of moms nature. If Hemmingway can do it, so can you.

The awards bagged was sufficient to influence us in the ideal direction although we weren't going to take their word for it. There's not much you can say about vanilla and tobacco but there a lot that can be experienced. It's okay for a Doubting Thomas, so try one to confirm and tell us what you believe. We are hoping pleased would be it.

Flavors: Tobacco, Vanilla, Brown Sugar

PG/VG: 30/70

Vanilla Brown Sugar Tobacco
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