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Strawberry Lemonade (Salt E Liquid)

Pod Juice

If you have never been a fan of those long walks into the lemonade stand, I have good news for you. Pod Juice is bringing the summer time refreshment right to the relaxation of your pod mod. Talk about convenience! This salt e liquid, in the taste strawberry lemonade, recreates the flavor and sensation associated with the favorite that is cold. Succulent strawberries that were ripe are closely blended then dipped in a sea of lemons. A barrel of ice is then poured in to this mix for the summer lemonade. This vape juice, produced from salt is the reply to each vaper's prayers. It permits you to douse yourself with the richness of a smoother passage and flavor. Pod Juice swears they are the best thing that occurred to pod mods. While we can't speak about that, we agree that their salt emails liquids, as with others, will enhance your overall pod mod vaping experience. This is since they're produced from salt based a version found in tobacco leaves that allow for a higher impact , smoking. Strawberry Lemonade combines sweet with a tangy zest to provide a combo that may become an all-day favorite. A tarty lemon inhale is balanced by a saccharine strawberry exhale. If you're ready to undertake the challenge of having this mix tries out, go ahead and make a purchase. Your pod mods could burst into chants of praise. We hope that you love the idea of summer being only a puff off. Apparently, that's the fantasy these days. Pod Juice is a salt liquid.

*This product Includes salt based nicotine

PG/VG: 50/50

Lemon Strawberry Lemonade
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