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Lychee Lava

Tropic King E Liquid
$4.99 $6.99

Not only are you really going to feel as though you're on a tropical island enjoying this liquid, but the throat hit you're going to get will feel as though a volcano just went off. Lychee Lava is the title of this liquid that is going to be sweet and fruity. You're going to taste the pear flavor which makes its way into your mouth, when you choose the first pull. The peaches are going to taste fresh and plump as though they were chosen to be able to be included in this liquid, when they were ripe. Maybe the peaches were sent from Atlanta, Georgia to whatever tropical island you're currently hanging outside in. You're going to taste the cherry flavor giving you all of the succulent notes falling on your own taste buds and scattering around your mouth as you continue pulling. The taste that is lychee is finally going to welcome itself because it would like you to get a great deal sweeter notes once you help yourself. As all of those three tastes come together, begin to smoothly continue to make its way and you're going to feel as though they have suddenly become a lava. This is because it is going to give you the throat. So you won't need to brace yourself and expect an explosion it is not going to be intense. There is still going to be an eruption that permits these tastes to get more potent. Exhaling might be an wonderful experience since you're going to meet with a few your friends that will allow you to respect their size and odor. Before you put down this liquid, A cloud display that will make you want to go on a few trips. Brought to you.

Primary Flavors: Peach, Pear, Lychee

PG/VG: 30/70

Peach Pear Lychee Fruit
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