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Mag Grip 100W Kit


This could be among the mods to work with since not only is it compact, however, the grip will permit this device to fit in your hand. Of course, we're speaking about the wonderful Mag Grip 100W Kit attracted to us by Smok. Smok has released several pieces of hardware in the past, so it should come to no surprise that this mod will work excellently enjoy the rest of them. The only thing you will need to be worried about is deciding what kind of battery you would like to use. Your three battery options would be 18650, 20700, and the 21700. While the 18650 batteries have a wattage output assortment of 1W to 85W the 21700 and 20700 batteries are going to supply you with a maximum wattage output of 100W. The wattage immunity range is 0.1ohm to 2.5ohm, and when it comes to temperature control, it is going to range between 200˚F into 600˚F with a resistance range of 0.05ohm into 2.0ohm. The tank which is included with this kit is going to be able of 5ml, which is going to be a great deal of room for you to vape with for a long time until you feel as though you require a refill. Everybody can use a small change and this kit is going to be the one to do it!

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