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Melo is its name and mellow will be your mood as soon as you inhale the sweet, refreshing flavors that are included in this blend. You'll be thinking about just where this seemingly odd but complementary mixture of tastes has been all of your life. It has a fantastic general balance that makes it a superb solution for any of these sweet tooths around that are looking for a juice that has a mild freshness that is simply right for vaping throughout the summer time. When those tastes make contact with your taste buds, then you are likely to feel like you've been removed to a beautiful sunny day that has the breeze in the air and you can do anything that you desire. It could be a fabulous companion for those days on the beach, lounging around watching the world go by and going on hikes with friends. It's that type of chilled out vibe that prompted you take things as they come which is precisely what you had to make each day go by so much smoother and to unwind a little. Culinary Confections E Liquid makes vape juice combinations that are motivated by some of the most treasured desserts on the market. Their blends All are made to give you a far more upscale and elevated experience that your taste buds are going to have the ability to appreciate. Melo takes an old school, classic, triple vanilla milkshake foundation and adds in some fresh melon to create a refreshing mixture that will have you feeling clean and invigorated!Primary Flavors: Cantaloupe, Melon, Vanilla, Milkshake

Vanilla Melon Cantaloupe Milkshake Fruit Dessert
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