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Milk & Berries

Vape Wild E Liquid
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Fixing a bowl of cereal in the morning is the traditional form of breakfast you like. Well, what if we told you, you won't need to worry about fixing a bowl ? No, we are not hiring a maid service for you, but we will get something near. Milk & Berries is the name of this e liquid that's currently going to bring you a similar taste that you get when you help yourself to some cereal made from fresh berries. When you take a pull of this liquid, then you're likely to taste the mixture of berries making their way in. You may be unable to tell which berries have been used in the liquid that is e, but all you do understand is that you're getting the tart and sweet sensation that is going to be mouthwatering. You are likely to understand that this is not your plain bowl of cereal, Since you continue savoring this mix. Even though you're enjoying the crunchy sensation that this e liquid is giving you away from each the cereal flakes, there's something that each bowl wants in order to be perfect. The milk starts to grow potent and you feel the smoothness of this liquid beginning to feel comfy roaming around your mouth. It is so smooth that it begins to make its way down your throat. There is going to be a throat hit, but like you may be used to it is not likely to be an intense one. It erupts the flavors of this liquid that is e, and the fruity notes scatter all around the area. It is going to be an wonderful feeling that will get better when you exhale and watch the clouds leaving your mouth. The best part is, although the clouds will be big.

PG/VG: 35/65

Mixed Berry Berry Breakfast Fruit Cereal Milk
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