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For such a simple combination of tastes, we might be reminded by this mix with a bowl of cereal we loved when we were younger and had no care in the world. The only thing we had to be concerned about hoping we don't get picked last to be in someone's group for kickball and is currently completing our assignments. Milk & Honey is the name of the salt electronic liquid that is currently going to be creamy and give you the notes that are going to make your mouth water. When you think you are ready to have a pull, then you certainly do so, but gradually so you can taste the notes that this blend has to offer you. Should you do it fast, you might miss some of the tastes. It is like when you eat and chew carefully so you are able to appreciate the new ingredients that went into producing this amazing meal. As you feel the tastes starting to come in, you are able to taste the creamy milk providing you the silky texture that makes you feel thankful you got your hands with this particular salt e fast. What is going to be even sweeter is, although it is going to be sweet. When you taste the honey, then your taste buds might begin to tingle due to the hints that it carries. Enjoying these tastes might make you feel at which the flakes are coated in a number of the honey as though you are eating a bowl of cereal and it is melting the milk. That is since the honey flavor makes it taste a lot better, in the end of eating your huge bowl , you drink the excess milk. When you are done enjoy this salt liquid, then you are going to admire the clouds that introduced themselves as your group of friends that know how to have a good time and are going to come from your mouth.

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Honey, Milk

Honey Milk
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