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No vape juice collection is truly complete without a freezing menthol blend that uplifts and freshens. Mint by Solace Salts E Liquid is similar to taking a dip at the middle of January into a cold pool of water. In case you have the capacity to move around any one vape juice blend along with you, this should be it! Seriously, we all need some refreshment every once in a while, while it's on a warm, humid summer day at which it's almost impossible to find any relief or even on a frantic, crazy day at which the only thing that you would like to do is take a rest. This juice will come in manner more than you'd have ever anticipated! Have you come around when your breath is a little less than new? Take a quick break, inhale this blend and have a fresh, minty taste take over and you'll be nothing less than kiss-worthy. Mint is underrated as a flavor its own with a sweet, mild, pristine flavor that may match any mood or preference that is general, it's the ideal standby. So, if you're looking for a mint flavored juice that has been made with smoking salts, Mint by Solace Salts E Liquid will be your knight in shining armor. Nicotine Salts allow for more nicotine in every inhale which will lead to a more pleasing experience overall and enable you to kick the habit more easy than ever. Who needs ice whenever you have a bone chilling, subtly blend such as this round that will have you shaking in your boots!

Primary Flavors: Mint

PG/VG: 50/50

These flavors meant ONLY for mouth-to-lung devices and are HIGH IN NICOTINE.

Mint Salt
nicotine level bottle size Price
30mg 30ml FROM $11.99
50mg 30ml FROM $11.99
30mg 30ml FROM $14.99
50mg 30ml FROM $14.99
30mg 15ml FROM $12.99
50mg 15ml FROM $12.99
30mg 15ml FROM $9.99
50mg 15ml FROM $9.99

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