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Nord Pod System Kit


Do you need to taste everything that be a procedure that is simple, and at precisely the exact same time your e liquids need to provide? Then you should get this pod system which is currently going to work wonders. The Nord Pod System Kit by Smok is the title of starter kit that is currently going to make vaping convenient . The pod mod has a compact dimensions that is currently going to be easy for you to put on your pocket and be on your way. The pod mod is going to have a battery capacity of 1100mAh, meaning your pod is going to be running for quite a while before you need to begin searching for a place. You will not have a hard time because you can utilize the cable at the packaging to begin charging it up again charging it. It's also going to have a charging current of 370mA and a charging voltage of 5V, which means that your pod mod will not require a very long time to be fully charged and ready to go. The pod is going to permit you to fit 3ml of e liquid to help keep you puffing away all day. The voltage input is 33V to 42V, and the wattage output array is 10W to 15W. Get yourself this pod mod and you will most likely have an amazing time going on vape excursions.

Starter Kit Kit Kits Pod Mod
Color Price
Red FROM $21.99
Prism Gold FROM $21.99
Prism Rainbow FROM $21.99
Black White FROM $21.99
Bottle Green FROM $21.99
Full Black FROM $21.99

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