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Nova 200W Starter Kit

Geek Vape

If value and durability are the thing, look no further than this vape starter kit. The Nova 200W Starter Kit by Geek Vape has a name that matches it's functionality. A star among an unlimited option of materials and space that this mod not only looks amazing like it should include a cost that is considerably 28, but in addition, it performs. Paired with the Cerberus Tank means you have a potent mod having an tank to manage everything it can put out. Flavor, check. Design, check. Dollar value. Geek Vape Nova 200W Starter Kit Features: Includes:

Kit Kits Starter Kit
Color Price
Silver/Onyx Resin FROM $52.99
Silver/Cobalt Resin FROM $52.99
Silver/Ember Resin FROM $52.99
Silver/Flare Resin FROM $52.99
Gunmetal/Onyx Resin FROM $52.99
Gunmetal/Cobalt Resin FROM $52.99
Gunmetal/Ember Resin FROM $52.99
Gunmetal/Orchard Resin FROM $52.99
Black/Flare Resin FROM $52.99
Black/Imperial Resin FROM $52.99
Black/Onyx Resin FROM $52.99
Black/Emerald Resin FROM $52.99

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