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NOVO Replacement Pod Cartridges (3 Pack)


Need a little pod that your pulls can be a little fresh every single time? Besides, you can't fully appreciate you vape juice if the pod is not fresh. This pod system is already an amazing pod mod, and among these fresh pods is currently going to make it even better. This pod is able to hold 2ml of your favorite salt liquid. When utilizing this pod, you will not need to worry about a salt e liquid possibly damaging your pod since this one is going to have the ability to handle what you give it. It has a horizontal coil atomizer that is going to do a fantastic job helping heat up your vape juice so that you can begin puffing away. The cotton is going to be organic and have loads of fibers liquid that you put in your pod. At any time you get this pack of cartridges in your hands, you will not need to worry about ordering pod anytime soon because within this pack you get three at once. If a single pod is starting to lose its freshness, then simply swap it out to get a new which is going to give you what you want.

Accessories Coils Pod Pods
Color Price
1.2ohm FROM $9.99
1.5ohm FROM $9.99

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