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On Cloud Custard

Vape Wild E Liquid
$9.99 $16.99

Going on a fun vape trip may be an incredible experience, especially when you have. On Cloud Custard is the savory liquid which will have you feeling as if you're hanging out roaming around your palate's name. When you take the first pull, you're going to taste the creamy custard making its way. The custard will be sweet and make you feel as if you're helping yourself to a treat that is currently going to make your mouth water. Since you keep pulling on you're going to realize that this custard isn't alone. In fact, you're going to taste a vanilla taste gradually becoming potent as it melts on top of your taste buds. These flavors Both are going to be creamy therefore they aren't likely to have a difficult time making their way. As they continue to return, you'll feel yourself floating up in the skies. The throat hit isn't going to be intense, but it is going to still create the flavors pop more. You are going to start to exhale and let the clouds move out of your mouth, when you feel you can't hold much of it anymore. The clouds are going to be huge, and you feel yourself coming down as they leave. It will be as if you're the person producing the clouds which we all get to see at the skies. However, these clouds that are specific are going to be aromatic and convince you that you should keep going with this liquid which gets better. Once you have landed back on earth, you are going to go on your trip away since placing this e liquid will be so disrespectful to the liquid and your palate.

Flavors: Vanilla, Custard

PG/VG: 35/65

Vanilla Pastry Dessert Custard
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