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Peach Blue Razz

Cloud Nurdz Salts E Liquid

If impact is needed by you, you need some hard hitting, taste bud tantalizing taste that leaves you so content that you just can't help but grin. If you require nicotine strength that is high and loud on your face taste, this blend will be the option for you. No one could resist the charms of this flavor which brings together two tastes as a pairing often to earn a bend that does have everything which you don't find. You are getting this taste that will constantly deliver those facets that you start looking for the most with availability and an ease that will be irresistible and won't quit. Think about how beautiful it will be to awaken in the morning on those days where you can barely roll out of bed and also have a huge collection of responsibilities on mind bothering you and putting a damper on your day right from the start and grab this juice that is so full of brightness and positivity that has you feeling joyful to live your daily life regardless of what's in your plate. Optimism makes everything feel magical and we have a sense that you are going to be in a fantastic mood you can vape the tastes held inside this blend. Cloud Nurdz Salt E Liquid has done something so special with this line that takes some of the very popular and well loved tastes and then adds cigarette for mouth to lung vapers. Peach Blue Razz combines sweet peaches with blue blue raspberry.

Primay Flavors: Peach, Blue Raspberry

Raspberry Blue Raspberry Peach Fruit
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