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Pink Passion Refill Pods

Clic Vapor

Whoa, who would have believed that you would ever be able to come across a flavor that's quite like this? An excellent arrangement drink where you're stuck in your home trying to dream of sunny summer days to come which you would love to have from the side on a holiday or a blustery winters. Either way, it is fantastic and you will use any excuse which you can to reach on everything to it which you have. There is nothing wrong with this, you only live once and you should enjoy every vape that you have so don't settle for anything less than the very best, this juice actually is.  Clic Vapor remakes scrumptious juices which are predicated on the fruit. It is daring, fun and has a great little jingle. Passionfruit takes a very daring, succulent taste and mixes it into a guava foundation that will give you a burst of refreshment that'll knock your socks right off. A gorgeous, tropical flavor which you see turned into an juice style of mix that is going to be a unique and wonderful addition to anyone collection. We need something interesting and different so that our patterns don't get to turn to stale, picking a exciting and new vape juice to throw into the ring is a great way to do that. When you do find a mix that really impresses you, there is no more spectacular of a sense when you believe and inhale a new mix, this is it, I have discovered my new favorite juice!

Main Flavors: Guava, Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit Guava Pods Fruit Tropical Tropical Fruit
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