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Pumpkin Cookie

Sad Boy E Liquid

Most of us deserve a small treat and this one will make sure you leave a satisfied sweet tooth. However, sadness is the final thing that this e liquid will make you feel. You're going to taste the cookie providing you all of the sugary goodness you like and making its way If you take a pull of the electronic liquid. You're going to observe that this is not your regular plain small cookie as you keep pulling . The pumpkin notes providing you the seasonal autumn vibes that set you in the vacation mood and are currently starting to make their way. The cinnamon begins to creep and you might start to feel as if this cookie has some pumpkin pie taste. This cure is surely going to have your taste buds tingling in joy. There is even going to be a small throat strike that will make the tastes more potent in your mouth. Because the throat struck is not intense, It's not going to be an explosion of tastes, but you do feel that the pumpkin taking over your body. When you believe that you're prepared for a fresh hit, you attentively exhale so that everything could comfortably exit. As the clouds start to surround you the last few notes melt your taste buds. The clouds will have a fragrant scent that kind of makes you wonder if you are hanging out smelling a latte. You might quickly go for another hit that will be better than the past When the odor has disappeared.

Flavors: Pumpkin, Cinnamon Cookie

PG/VG: 20/80

Cookie Cinnamon Pie Pastry Pumpkin Dessert
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