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Do you feel as if there is something missing? You have everything that one may ask for, but there appears to be a sensation absent. The reason is that they have published a salt e liquid that might have everything you have been looking for. Red is the title of your favourite colour, but it wants to come to be the title of the salt e liquid that you opt to vape with all the time. Taking the pull of this salt e liquid will be like something you never felt before. There will be roasted tobacco leaves making their way in your mouth and providing you the daring hints when taking a bang of a timeless flavor like this that you need. You might even feel as if you're being transported to a field filled with tobacco leaves away, making certain that they have developed the golden color that signifies they are complete. There's nothing wrong wanting to achieve some colour while at the sun. The tobacco is becoming smoother and you may begin to feel it making its way down your throat. The salt based nicotine within this vape juice is going to allow you to obtain an intense throat hit that enhances the vape trip. Because the notes are simply too good your mouth may begin to water. When you believe you have to exhale, since you want to be certain to enjoy the salt e liquid only a bit more, you will do so slowly as possible. Your friends come outside to say hello, and you may immediately take another pull so that you can experience this great sensation.

**This product is made with salt and not Meant for sub ohm vaping**

Flavors: Tobacco

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