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Want e liquid that will remind you of one of your piece of gum when you're younger? Well, it isn't going to taste just like it, but even better because of the seriousness that it is likely to bring to your table. Spearmint Gum is the title of this salt e liquid that is currently going to give the taste that you enjoy to you, using a couple of additional notes that are currently going to make you feel as if you are chewing gum. When you take the very first pull, you are likely to taste the sweet spearmint taste making its way in. It's currently giving you the arctic notes that you enjoy with the hints that you can never resist. Since you keep pulling, you are likely to feel that minty vibe getting stronger and stronger. You will wonder why you are feeling colder, but that is because the menthol is coming to the party. You might even cross your arms that the gesture lets you feel a bit warm. It is possible to truly feel the beginning to make its way down your throat, getting prepared to give the throat hit that you enjoy to you. Once you feel it, you are likely to feel as if you started chewing and pushed an entire pack of chewing gum in your mouth away. You might hope you aren't around anyone or you may look silly if you truly start chewing. Who cares what they think because if they knew what you're vaping, they'd be so jealous about now. Exhaling might be an extreme process because your friends will appear and cause you to feel as if you are terrifying in the Arctic.

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Mint Spearmint Menthol
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