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Spryte Refillable Replacement Pod


Is the pod beginning to make all your e liquids taste like one combination of all? Then it is time for you to help yourself to a pod that is going to enable you to fully appreciate everything that among your vape juice has to offer. The kit itself is an impressive one, but of course, a new pod is necessary after some time if you would like to feel as if you're working with a brand new system. When it has to do with the pod, it can hold 3.5tsp of liquid for one to gratify all day . This is actually a perfect amount for the reason that it gives you time to enjoy a vape trip perhaps. However, if you ever feel the need to get a refill that is little, the fill mechanism will allow you to do this in virtually no time. There's a Pre-Installed 1.8ohm BVC coil that you may already be aware of if you've worked with this pod system previously. The pod distinctively connects to the mod, which will prevent any leakage from happening. The pod is so long-lasting, when you may feel as if you need to purchase a new one 23, who knows.

Coil Coils Pod Pods
Resistance Price
1.8ohm FROM $6.49

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