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This sweet treat was lusted after for centuries with its rich, fine taste which has this ability to be able to set you into full blown pampering mode. We all have to treat ourselves every now and again and this blend is going to provide you with precisely what you had to be able to give yourself that extra little something unique which gives you these feelings and uplifts your day. Don't put off bettering yourself for some celebratory event or feel as if you need to put in a whole lot of additional work in the gym, this blend is going to give you all of the delectable flavor which you've been looking for in a way that won't add a lot of extra fat and sugar into the mixture. You can keep on vaping this juice to your hearts content without any concerns in sight. Concentrate on the tastes at hand and let yourself float into a land of pure pleasure. White Lightning E Liquid supplies us with a line of distinct juices which are currently going to allow us to all be able to find the tastes which we all wish for in 1 area. Strawberry Cheesecake gives you that salty graham cracker base that's covered in some ripe, refreshing berries which adds just the ideal amount of warmth into this decadent dessert and some creamy, rich noodle.

**This product is made with salt and not Meant for sub ohm vaping**

Flavors: Strawberry, Cheesecake Cracker

Strawberry Cheesecake Fruit Dessert Graham Cracker
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