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Strawberry Vanilla Custard

Emergency Vape Stash Vol 2 E Liquid

Something sweet and creamy is prepared to go down your throat. It will feel as though you took a bite of a tasty pastry filled with a few creamy goodness. You can feel it travel around your mouth though you took a snack and the filling is spreading all around as you gradually begin to take a pull of the electronic liquid. The vanilla custard is currently going to be creamy and it will most likely just melt in your mouth. You're able to carefully feel it being savored by your taste buds and allow them to go mad. The berries will add this kick that's just going to make your mouth whenever you opt to introduce it to the amazing liquid that is . As this mix gently begins to make its way down your throat, you get this little throat hit which will make you feel as if were a few of the ripest berries anybody can ever find. The creamy feeling will be amazing and is to let it out so which you could take another new pull. Even the vape juice is going to make a grand exit so the trip doesn't have to finish straight away. Do not let these flavors leave your system fast because if you do, you will be missing out on the small sweet hints that the e liquid drops because it leaves your mouth. The clouds which will come from your mouth are going to smell amazing and be big, but it will be worthwhile.

Primary Flavors: Strawberry Custard

PG/VG: 30/70

Vanilla Strawberry Vanilla Custard Pastry Fruit Cream Dessert Custard
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