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What is? Just about anything that we could all enjoy, although Lots of you might have stated a great beer. If lemonade was the choice, you then my friend are an intellectual individual. Summer Cool is the name of the salt e liquid that is currently going to get you coming back for more because of the sensation it will cause you to feel in every single pull. You will taste the freshly squeezed lemonade which makes its way inside of your mouth when you think you have the guts to take the strike. The lemons that were used to create this wonderful beverage flavor as though they were. It is going to make your mouth give you the sensation that this mix has in store for you and start to water, as the flavours ramble around your mouth. There is another extra taste coming your way that is going to make the entire trip taste. Strawberries will start to flow into your own body and supply you with the sweet notes that make you feel enthused about the entire experience. As this salt e liquid leaves your taste buds , you will feel it start to make its way down your neck that you can find the throat hit that it has preloaded for you. Yes, the salt established nicotine would be to blame for this, but that only means that you will have a good time feeling enhancement and the intensity of the entire vape excursion. You're likely to feel the entire blend slowly begin to move up out of the throat when you lightly start to exhale. The clouds that are currently going to flow out of your mouth will be fragrant and put on a display for you. The clouds may be small, but the way will leave you speechless.

**This product is made with salt and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Flavors: Lemonade, Strawberry

Lemon Strawberry Lemonade Fruit
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