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Vagon Replacement Pod Cartridges (2 Pack)


If make your way around the vape scene then you have probably seen a pod or two. More and more kits these days are built to utilize pod-based tanks and it is easy to see why. Pods are wonderfully convenient for switching out for rotational purposes or even just dealing with wear and tear. Well, the Vagon Replacement Pod Cartridges provide you with that easy and convenient alternative to the general maintenance required for standard tank kits. If you are looking to replace your pod or simply stock up then Suorin and Knowvape has the affordable alternative for you.

Each Vagon Replacement Pod has a total fluid capacity of 2 milliliters. This size keeps the pod easy to switch without becoming overly big or cumbersome. Not to mention the 2ml liquid storage is definitely more than enough to keep the eager vaper satiated. The pod also come with cotton inside in order to have a maximized amount of soak and redistribution. And the best thing about the Vargon Pod, though, is that if your tank runs dry, or if you just want to switch up your flavor, then you have the pods at hand. Whatever your needs, the tank in these pods will be able to fulfill them without any muss or fuss.

The coil that comes pre-installed in the Vargon replacement pods has an ohm resistance of 1.3 to 1.4. The coil also features a horizontal based installation, if that is your preference. This amount of resistance is considered on the higher end for a sub ohm vaping but still falls under the category. This is another reason why you are going to prefer replaceable pods. With a lower resistance, you are going to see more use from your coil and more need to replace it. With the Vagon pods, this replacement becomes a very simple process. While you lose a bit of customization in the streamlining of the process the benefits are clear.

While we did mention the ease and convenience of having Vagon replaceable pods on hand we don’t want to give the impression that this something you will have to do frequently. Suorin makes their pods with integrity which will keep the necessary replacement periods long. And while you may be worried that this will add to the cost, the pods come in packs of 2, keeping the prices low. And you can afford to buy them in two packs since you won’t need to replace them very often, as mentioned before.

We are a big fan of the pod systems. We like what Suorin and other companies have come to offer us in terms of our own convenience and price and are eager to pass our own positive impressions onto our fans. Knowvape wants you to give replaceable pods a shot and we are especially big fans of Vargon Pods from Suorin. The faster you can take care of your maintenance, the faster you can get back to vaping. So why don’t you pick up a couple for your kit today and see how easy it is.

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