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Vanilla Custard

The Milkman E Liquid
$14.99 $17.95

A number people love a sensation when we get our hands on e that is delectable liquids, and if you explain yourself then this is the blend for you. Vanilla Custard is the title of this e liquid that is going to cause you to feel like you are helping yourself to an amazing deal that is filled with some of this amazing vanilla custard. When you choose your first pull, you are going to enjoy the sensation providing you the notes and making its way in that you enjoy. If vaping with this liquid that is e, you are going to feel as if you are helping yourself to some pastry, which will probably be nothing with this creamy custard. You can start to feel it is making its way go down your throat, as the flavor pops around your mouth. This liquid is going to give you the throat hit that is going to make a difference in the vape encounter. This hit will cause you to feel as if you consume an whole cake that is packed for this custard. Even though candies are a guilty pleasure to many people, you don't care about going for as many pulls as you would like with this blend because it is just one e liquid that is going to cause you to feel as if it is all worth it. You're going to admire how tender this electronic liquid leaves its grand exit, when you think it is ready to exhale. It comes back out of your neck and makes its own way out of your mouth. The clouds that you are going to create will get bigger and bigger, and you'll love every second of it. They are going to take this scent that is going to convince you that you have to go on another trip with this liquid right away.

PG/VG: 30/70

Vanilla Pastry Cream Dessert Custard
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