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Vanilla Refill Pods (3 Pack)


What better way to do by taking a pull of your pod mod? The liquid we're speaking about here is called Vanilla, but it comes in a 2ml prefilled mod. This pod is compatible with all the impress STIK Kit mod, also Cig2O brings them both to us.  These pods will be non-refillable and anti-leak, which is amazing since you won't need to worry about making messes that are serious. Because we've got shaky hands when working with gorilla bottles, some people make a few times. Sorry that we cannot be perfect, but that is precisely why we select smarter alternatives when it comes to vaping. You will taste the sweet notes that this blend has to offer, when you eventually get the opportunity to have a pull of Vanilla. You might feel as if you are helping yourself to a creamy vanilla ice cream cone, or any baked cake topped with a vanilla frosting. The liquid is going to provide you a tiny throat strike which is not going to be too mad, but you are going to enjoy it since it allows your taste buds to have a little fun with all the hints scattering all over the place. You let everything and exhale, when you believe that you're finished enjoying this flavor. As everything is easily making its exit, you start to recognize that there are 3 pods that come in it giving you 6ml of e liquid in total. That's plenty of e liquid to go around. So after you say hello and adios for your shy friends, you can go on a new trip that is likely going to be better than your past.

Vanilla Pods Pod
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